Olivia Newton-John’s final photo leaves us in tears


A prominent figure from the 1970s and 1980s has passed away: The platinum-selling recording singer Olivia Newton-John, who played Sandy in the wildly successful musical film Grease, passed away at the age of 73.

Even though she is no longer with us, millions of her fans throughout the world will always remember her.

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The stunning grin and endearing demeanour of the singer and actress made her a treat to behold at all times.

Newton-John was born in Cambridge, England, on September 26, 1948, but her family relocated to Melbourne, Australia, when she was six years old.

She captivated the hearts of millions of people worldwide when she played Sandy with actor John Travolta in the movie “Grease.” She sang the grand finale duet “You’re the one that I want” with Danny Zuko, who played John Travolta, and it went on to become one of the all-time best-selling singles. Grease became a big hit thanks to Newton-star John’s power; it was the top grossing movie of the year and held the record for highest grossing movie musical for decades.

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Newton-John told CNN in 2017: “I don’t think anyone could have anticipated a movie would go on for over 40 years and would still be famous and people would still be coming to me about it all the time and appreciating it.” Just one of those flicks, I suppose. I’m quite fortunate to have taken part in it. So many people have enjoyed it.

She was catapulted to new levels of stardom after her performance in “Grease,” which she had never experienced before. With over 100 million records sold, she is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time.

Newton-John continued to act in films, notably Two of a Kind, in which he co-starred with Travolta. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and four Grammy awards as a result of her singing career.

However, the actress’s life had to slow down once she was given the news that she had stage 4 breast cancer. 1992 saw her initial cancer diagnosis, and 2013 saw another. After receiving treatment, she made a full recovery and started supporting breast cancer research.

However, she learned that her disease had reached her bones in 2017.

The singer maintained her optimistic attitude and persisted in advocating research despite her fight with the illness. She bravely battled the illness and went nearly 25 years in remission before the cancer returned for a third time.

“I’ve been through this three times, and I’m so lucky to still be alive. I put up with it. She expressed her gratitude further to 60 Minutes Australia.

“We know that we will die at some point, but we are unsure of when. When you receive a cancer diagnosis or another ominous, honest diagnostic, the potential of a time restriction is abruptly presented to you, she said. Therefore, each day is a gift.

Her health suffered significantly the third time cancer returned since she was older. This implied that she largely avoided the spotlight and only sometimes made public appearances.

In 2019, the venerable actress made three exclusive sing-along appearances in Florida right before Christmas alongside her Grease co-star John Travolta.

For the first time since the legendary 1978 film Grease, Newton-John and Travolta made an appearance together. They even donned their Grease costumes for the performances. After Grease’s initial premiere more than 40 years ago, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John returned as Danny and Sandy.

Newton-John posted a shot on Instagram with, “First time in costume since we made the movie,” and added, “So excited!!.”

In 2017, after another performance of Grease, Newton-John admitted to not thinking about her condition all that often.

She told People, “Life is a gift, and I’ve had a fantastic life. I intend to keep living it, and of course, I want to help other people with cancer.”

Olivia is a survivor, smart, and full of life. Travolta said, “I think she always sees the glass as half full and that’s her beautiful, natural approach to life and I think we all need to do that.

As a result, Travolta was unavoidably among the first famous people to pay respect to the late singer and actress once word of her passing spread.

A heartfelt message was added to a photo of the actress from her younger days that John Travolta shared on social media. “My lovely Olivia, you improved all of our lives tremendously,” he wrote. Your influence was tremendous. I adore you a lot. When we are all back together, we will see each other again. From the first minute I saw you, you were all mine.

Olivia Newton-John never allowed her struggles with cancer to break her spirit throughout the years.

The British-Australian actress told Us Weekly in 2019 that “if you think happy things, you’ll build a positive world around yourself and attract positive individuals to you.”

Olivia was honest about her health journey, and her husband John Easterling, an American businessman and environmentalist, always had her back. They began dating in 2006, and they got hitched in 2008.

She said to People in 2016: “I’m really happy I have a wonderful, beautiful husband who is just so caring and fantastic.” She continued:

“I often encourage my friends that you can find love at any age. At the age of 59 almost 60, I met the love of my life! I appreciate it.

Flowers are placed on Olivia Newton-John’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star after the announcement of her death on August 08, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

To raise money for medical care and cancer treatments, they jointly established the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund.

When she passed away, her husband John Easterling remarked, “Olivia has been a symbol of successes and hope for over 30 years sharing her experience with breast cancer.”

The final time anyone witnessed Olivia Newton-John speaking was when she uploaded a holiday message for her admirers on Christmas Day 2021.

She had said, “I want to thank you all for all of your support throughout the years. I wish you all the best and I send you love and light.

Her last appearance on television was on the programme Dancing With The Stars in October 2021, when the programme was filming a Grease-themed episode to honour the iconic musical movie.

She emerged on screen with a recorded video greeting, wishing the competitors luck as they paid homage to the famous movie she co-starred in with John Travolta.

“I’m overjoyed and delighted that Grease is being honoured tonight! I’m excited to see your couples perform because I know they’ve been training so hard. In the message, she said.

Her Instagram has only recently been updated with old photos of herself taken at various stages in her life. Given that the actress’s health had been deteriorating, it makes sense that she had not posted any current pictures of herself.

On April 18, 2022, earlier this year, the actress uploaded the most recent image of herself, to to the joy of admirers around.

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