Never underestimate power of prayer.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. One small prayer can change your life dramatically.

Prayer is powerful. It can heal, prayer can give, and it can change lives. Shane DeCreshio

The Lord is faithful to those who are faithful and earnestly seek Him. Ben Lance

Prayer is the means of sustaining a faith that at times can grow weak, The power of prayer is enriching, uplifting to hear our God speak.Greta Zwaan

“I have found that perhaps the most powerful way to pray is to pray God’s Word. God has promised us that His Word will not return void, it is powerful and right.” Becky Van Volkinburg

Having a belief in God, a higher power and the faith that if we believe in our actions and the actions of other all of our prayers can be answered. Alexander Neal

Prayer is powerful, and paves the way for the both of you to come together in God’s perfect timing. Tiffany Langford

What does being a good person mean?

Wake up each day and Be thankful.