Nasa Was Experimenting With Different Animals. –

Nasa was experimenting with different animals in space.

Monkeys were an obvious choice, but they had no patience.

Mice chewed all the cables, dogs were too stupid and chickens were always scared.

It seemed the only animal that could cope with the intense stress of space travel was a chilled out alley cat.

After a few months of testing and training, he was ready for his first mission.

The cat was to embark on a journey to Saturn’s moon, Titan, to discover if life would be sustainable…

The rocket prepares for take off.











…and POW the cat bursts through Earth’s atmosphere and begins his journey as the first feline in outer space.

A few weeks go by, and after a while,

the cat starts to get bored.

He spots a red planet nearby, and although he tries to resist the temptation, he sets the shuttle on a new course.

Before Houston could stop him, he lands on Mars.

Houston sends a probe to investigate what the hell the cat was up to and why he decided to venture so far off course.

The probe gets to Mars and finds tracks, which lead it to an area of wreckage and signs of a fight.

The cat is dead, flat as a pancake on the ground and a robot, once sent to explore Mars, had cat remains trodden into its tracks.

It was clear… Curiosity killed the cat.