My daughter is super awesome


Ever looked at a person and wonder, “how much love can one person have for another”? That is how I feel whenever I look at my daughter. It was the feeling I got when I first saw her, and it is the way I fell when I look at her now. It is like I take a soft punch to the guts, and I want to squeeze her and protect her with everything I have. She is my daughter, my blood, my baby. I have a lot of achievements, but being the mother to this amazing woman is one of my greatest privileges. A piece of me. I am naturally a go-getter. I have been described as driven, focused, and determined. I look at life with lots of positivity and faith. I believe in God strongly and in myself too. I never really put much thought into all of these attributes until I had my daughter, and she started growing up. I saw glimpses of myself in her as she was growing. She has always been a determined individual, always happy. She has very few down days. There has never been a time when my daughter took the word “no” to heart. You will see her evaluating your no, trying to figure out if she should drop her quest or find another way. Every day, I marveled at the kind of person she was growing up to be, and I fall in love with her every day. Women who have experienced this kind of love understand this feeling. The feeling of seeing yourself in another human being and marveling in how much love you can feel for them. She looks like me but has a lot more easy-going personality. She is such an amazing person who is keen on bringing positive vibes to wherever she finds herself. My greatest gift and privilege. My daughter is one of my greatest gifts. I have had the privilege of being honored in many places due to my achievements in my career. All of these honor pales in comparison to the privilege of being a mother to this amazing person. Being her mother has been fulfilling and rewarding. I always feel honored to be given the privilege to share in the creation and development of her. I would not trade my life as a mother for anything in the world. I count being the mother of my daughter as one of the best things that have happened to me. Today, my daughter is out there in the world, making her way through life. She is becoming her own woman; well, she has always been her own woman. She is fighting for the things she believes in, and she is spreading her positive vibes around. I love my daughter, dearly. I am blessed to have her in my life and privileged to be her mother. She is one of the most amazing persons I know, and she continues to amaze me each day.

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