My children are the greatest gift I’ve ever received


1. My children are the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up every morning.

2. My love for you is like an invisible elastic band. No matter how far you go, we are connected.

3. My love for you could stretch around the world countless times, and when the world is covered, my love could stretch through the galaxy forever moving on.

4. From the moment you were born, you became the sun on my planet.

5. You are the best thing I’ve done with my life.

6. Even though my lap is too small, my heart will always have enough room for you.

7. I know you’re grown now, but my heart doesn’t realize that. In my heart, you will always be my sweet baby.

8. When times are hard, when your friends turn against you and your luck seems to fail, know that I will always be just a phone call away.

9. Wherever you go, my love is with you.

10. I hug you and kiss you and tell you I love you because it fills me with joy. I’ll hug you and kiss you and tell you I love you some more so you’ll be full too.

11. I love you when I wake up in the morning. I love you all day long. I love you in my dreams at night.

12. You are the best gift I’ve ever received.

13. When I think of how I love you, there are no words to explain. I love you because you are you, it’s that simple and plain.

14. You may wonder sometimes why I do what I do. Just remember, my child, my every thought is for you.

15. My love for my kid is unconditional it means that I will fight for them no matter the situation.

16. No matter what happens to you, just remember that I will always be here to keep supporting.

17. I love my kids so even when things get tougher and harder I will keep supporting them.

18. My children are breath-taking, as they take away my breath because of the love they have.

19. I love my kids and they make me feel like I am more than complete, overflowing with love.

20. Your children are your treasure, they are your heart, they make you feel like you are worth it.

21. The most amazing moments in my life are those that I spend with my children, I love my kids.

22. Unconditional love is when your kids do something worst to you and still, you love them.

23. My mom and dad gave their kids the greatest gift of all the gift of unconditional love. They cared deeply about who we would be and much less about what we would do.

24. You don’t know what unconditional love is. You may say you do, but if you don’t have a child, you don’t know what that is. But when you experience it, it is the most fulfilling ever.


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