Mom’s Response When A Child Says Something Heartbreaking is A Truly Beautiful Moment

This story comes from a Reddit user who was prompted by a question, “What things have you overheard that have broken your heart?” It might have been a heartbreaking question, but this woman’s actions are absolutely heartwarming.

For my son’s 9th birthday I took my son and a handful of friends to the movies, then to pizza, then they all slept over. On the way home from pizza the kids were commenting on great the night was, and were saying thank you, etc…I said in reply “We love having kids over!” Out of the blue one boy quietly whispered to me “My Mom doesn’t love me.” Broke my heart into bits. I asked why he said that, and he said, “She always left me. I would wake up and she would be gone.”

Come to find out, he had just been placed with his Dad that he barely knew. The State had taken him away from his Mom for neglect – leaving him every night alone to go to the bar. It had been going on for years and the neighbors would hear him crying alone and call the cops. She is a raging alcoholic and a drug addict, still.

His Dad had only met him once before, and was currently living with a new girlfriend, and she didn’t like kids. His son was now sleeping on the floor of the girlfriend’s apartment as there was no room for him. It was fucking heartbreaking.To make matters worse, he sat alone every day after school on the steps of the library waiting for his Dad, sometimes till past 7pm. When I found out I had him over every single day, eating a snack, doing homework together with my son, eating dinner most nights.

Less than a year later his father asked if I could take him for “a while”. He had broken off with the girlfriend and had no where to go, and no where to bring his son. No problem! I’m a single Mom of one son, but I always have room for anyone who needs to stay.

His Dad brought over all of his clothes in a garbage bag – everything he owns. He never “officially” was mine, but I became his adopted Mom since that time, bringing him to the doctors, going to parent /teacher conferences, music concerts, etc.

He is 19 now and doing fantastic. He made it thru high school at an Honors A/P level, and then went to college on full scholarship. But better than that, he is an awesome person: funny, smart, kind, loving. I love my adopted son.

We’re sure neither of them forgot that first moment when their lives changed forever. Wow!