Molly Walked Streets For Hours. –



It was a slow night for Molly.

She walked streets for hours near the shipyard and still needed one more trick to call it a night:

Finally an old man about five feet tall walked up and said.

“How much?”

Molly replied.

“30 Euro for up to thirty minutes, whichever comes first.”

The old man asked.

“How about 40 Euro for thirty minutes and no limit?”

She agreed and he paid.

They walked to his hotel room, undressed and got in bed.

It took him only about three minutes and then he got out of bed and ran over to the window and opened it.

He stuck his head way out and took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and then took another slow breath.

When arrived back at the bed, he dropped down onto the floor, sliding underneath the bed, and popped up on the other side.

He dove on top of her, this time finishing in just two minutes.

Again he ran over to the window, took some deep breaths, slid back under the bed, got up on the other side and started over.

He repeated this sequence five times in thirty minutes.

Molly got out of bed, a bit unsteady on her feet.

She got dressed and started to leave, but stopped at the door, wondering if maybe he had some sort of chemicals or something under the bed which fortified his stamina.

She knelt down beside the bed and looked underneath and saw four more naked elderly men.





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