‘Miracle’ baby going home after 307 days in hospital


Having a baby is a daunting prospect for anyone. There are so many things to worry and fret over, not to mention the rollercoaster of emotions that go with what is always sure to be a life-changing event.

As such, I can’t imagine what people go through when their babies are born with issues or health problems. Fortunately, my daughter had a straightforward birth, and were able to come home with after a couple of days.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case for Jennifer and Keegan Mason, of Winter Haven, Florida. 

Born at just 22 weeks old, their son Kresten weighed only one pound and was he so small he could fit into his mother’s hand. His nipples and fingernails hadn’t formed yet.

“He could have had brain bleeds. He could have had like all that and thankfully he didn’t have a major brain bleed,” Jennifer told ABC Action News.

It’s rare for a baby born before 23 weeks to make it – only one in seven babies born at 22 weeks survive – but Kresten would soon show the world that would beat the odds.

Jennifer, who had problems with an incompetent cervix in the past, knows what it feels like to lose a child. She had previously given birth to two little angels, who were born very early and didn’t make it.

Kresten’s journey to recover was a long and tough one – at one point the doctors thought he wouldn’t make it. 

“There was a period in his life that he got really sick, that we all thought that he wasn’t going to make it,” Dr. Thais Queliz told Fox5.

In the last ten months, Kresten was forced to go through three surgeries.

One operation was very risky as the doctors needed to close a hole in Kresten’s small heart.

During the most difficult time, Jennifer even said her final goodbyes.

“I just remember the nurse saying just hold him because this might be the last time so with that… and look at him now,” Jennifer said. 

But luckily everything went well and Kresten has recovered better than anyone could have imagined.

After spending his whole life at Winnie Palmer Hospital, the brave litte fighter headed home earlier this week.

“It is so amazing, we feel so blessed. Keep praising God that he will continue to help Kresten grow,” Jennifer Mason said.

Each and every day we’re treated to an insight into the miracle that is life. You might not notice it every day, but it’s there.

It is always such a celebration to see premature babies go home. These little warriors have taught us much about the importance of life and we’re so happy little Kresten pulled through. May God continue to bless this precious little angel from Heaven above! 


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