Miley Cyrus and her family are in our thoughts and prayers as they experience a heartbreaking loss


After losing her beloved dog Mary Jane, Miley Cyrus is devastated.

The 28-year-old singer of “Midnight Sky” said on Thursday that her dog had died after being given a cancer diagnosis more than a year earlier. She made a lengthy message that she put on her Instagram Story.

Before discussing the dog’s health, she said at the beginning of her story, “Anyone who knows me, and it doesn’t have to be well, is aware that my dearest pal in the whole world is a rescued pit bull mix named Mary Jane.”

The remark didn’t surprise me because it wasn’t the first time someone had advised me to take my time admiring her unique character. I had been for the ten years prior.

The singer went on to remark that while it is easy to “take things for granted” and “let tiny miracles pass you by without moments of thanks,” when she was with her “angel” Mary Jane, she “never once did I forget the gift I had been given.”

She described herself as “a dog with wings in a way,” according to what she wrote. I repeatedly thanked her as she breathed her last for everything she had done for me and everything that she had meant to me.

Something more significant than a friend or a family member was involved. something completely new and distinctive. It is indefinable.

Our interaction was very divine. Unparalleled affection, “in addition,” she said. “Nothing we have said or done has ever been done with the goal of hurting one another. Never have we argued and then gone to bed enraged. Our commitment to you has never wavered.

Then, Cyrus asserted that her dog has “saved me every time my heart has been broken.”

She explained and then said, “Put me back together again.” It is such a lonely feeling to go through this anguish without her magical ability.

As a means of repaying the dog for her lifetime of care and affection, Cyrus said, she felt it was her duty to make sure Mary Jane’s final moments were as serene and pain-free as possible. Her lifelong partner and greatest friend had been Mary Jane.

“Even though she’s not hurting anymore, I am. That is what love is made of, she had written.

Mary Jane passed away with honour, poise, serenity, and authority. Her life was guided by the warmth and compassion she showed to everyone. When necessary, she could display courage, but never for an extended amount of time.

She would never consent to having her soul’s door closed. Her lifestyle was so open and honest. She said, “The capacity for love and love of love. Oh, if only Mary Jane were a better depiction of us all!

Throughout Mary Jane’s career, the singer continues to share a variety of images and videos on her website. I’m so glad you were mine, she wrote in the description of one of the images.

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