It’s our favorite day, My Friends! Good Morning! Happy Friday! And it’s not just any Friday. It’s the start of Memorial
Day Weekend!

Decide right now that today is going to be positive, happy and a beautiful start to your weekend. And don’t let anyone bring you down.

I’m sending Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend Hugs your way! This hug is to bring you encouragement and to say, “God is going to bless your Friday and give you a peaceful weekend”.

I hope you live in an area in which you are able to get out a little bit for the weekend. Just a little bit to feel the sunshine and see all of God’s beauty around you.

Even if you’re still staying at home, Friday is special. We tend to laugh a little more and relax a little more. Our mood seems to be lighter and we hum our favorite tunes more.

I’m sending you this Friday Memorial Day Weekend hug to remove your worries, to put a smile on your face and peace in your heart.

I also wanted to send a short, simple prayer with this hug. Pray this prayer with me and receive the blessings sent with it:

Dear God, Thank You for bringing us through the week and to this beautiful Friday. We are so thankful to get to see another Memorial Day Weekend.

We are so thankful to be alive and well. Thank You for bringing us through these difficult times. Being separated from our families and friends has been so hard on us.

Make this Memorial Day Weekend a time of reunion and togetherness. Even if we must still practice social distancing, bring us closer together.

For those who have lost jobs, open doors of opportunity for them and give them jobs that are even better that what they had in the past.

Give us Your confidence in going out when it is the right time for us. Take away all pressure to leave our home at a specific date and time. Help us to trust in Your timing.

Remind us that this weekend is about remembrance of those who sacrificed it all so that we may live in a free Country. We are so grateful for all of them.

Be with my family and friends today and let them feel Your presence. Make our Friday a beautiful start to a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Whenever you need a hug today or this weekend, I hope you’ll remember this one. Friday Hugs! Memorial Day Weekend Hugs!

Sending you blessings of love and gratitude from Sterrett, Alabama!

Charity M. Richey-BentleySpread the love

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