Meaning of Love and Marriage


Here’s a story which will help you learn more about marriage and love…

A teacher once asked his students what they think about love. “To answer this question, go out in the wheat field. Take the biggest wheat you find, then come back. However, you get to go through them once and not turn back to pick again,” the teacher said.

One of the students went out, he saw a big wheat, but he couldn’t decide if he wants to pick it or find a bigger one. Going down the field he saw a bigger one and a bigger one… When he went through half of the field, he started to realize that the first wheat was the biggest. He realized his mistake, but it was too late to turn back and pick it. He went to his teacher empty-handed.

“This is what love is,” the teacher said. “You can always keep looking for a bigger and better wheat, but you will eventually realize that you’re missing the first.”

The student asked: “What is love, then?”

“If you want an answer to this question, go to the cornfield, pick the biggest one and come back,” the teacher said. “However,” she continued, “you can only go through the field once and not turn back to pick another corn.”

Realizing his previous mistake, the student went back to the field, picked a medium-sized corn and went back to his teacher.

“This is marriage – you’ve picked a corn you believe is the best,” the teacher said. “This is true love.”

This story shows that it’s not about looking for a better partner – if you spend your life looking for the perfect person, you will stay alone. Pick a partner you really love and stick to them – if you really love each other, you will get married and stay together for the rest of your life.


Choose Your Birth Month and Discover What It Reveals About Your Love Life.

1. People born in January

People born in January are governed by the number 1. These people are independent, analytical and a born leader. They feel the need to stand out in the crowd and are known for their creativity, ingenuity and ability to get things done. Others follow them without question because they are very charismatic. Men play a bigger role than women in helping them succeed in life. They are more likely to lead a more traditional life than others.

Personality traits of people born in January

They are very stubborn, ambitious and serious. They like to teach and to be taught. They never look at people’s weaknesses and weaknesses. They are hardworking and productive, intelligent, neat and organized. They are sensitive to deep thoughts and know how to make others happy. They are silent when they are not excited or tense, but mostly reserved. They are also very attentive. Although they are resistant to diseases, they are prone to colds. Loving and loyal, they love children and have great social skills. You can maintain a stable budget because they are cautious.

What scientists say

People born in January are more likely to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease or epilepsy. According to scientists, it is because they are exposed to less sunlight in the womb and during the first months of their lives. As a result, they are more prone to these diseases.

2. People born in February

People born in February are governed by the number 2. They are emphatic and psychic. Their relationships matter a lot to them. That’s why they spend a lot of time looking for that special person. Women shape and shape their destinies, especially in the early years. They are also more likely to depend on their independence and suffer from depression if they do not find their person special. It’s hard for her to be independent. They like to take care of others and make good parents.

Personality traits of people born in February

They have an abstract thought because they like both reality and the abstract. Your intelligent and intelligent with a changing personality. They are attractive. Sometimes lively, but especially calm, timid and humble. They are honest and loyal, determined to achieve their goals. They love their freedom and can be rebellious and aggressive when they are restricted. They are too sensitive and can be easily injured. They can get angry immediately, but rarely show it. They have a strong aversion to useless things. They like to make friends, but they rarely show it. Brave and stubborn, they are very ambitious because they want to realize their dreams and their hopes. They are very romantic, but only from the inside because they do not want to show it. You can be superstitious and ridiculous.

What scientists say

People born in February are likely to become artists. They are prone to sleep disturbances because they have not been exposed to the sun during their first months in the womb. You are not eligible for a job from 9 to 5 years old.

3. People born in March

People born in March are affected by the number 3. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They are meant for fame, have the ability to make a lot of money, but can also lose quickly. They have trouble keeping a relationship because they tend to be unfaithful. They are subject to drug addiction and other vices. They can be very childish, but on the other hand they are what makes them adorable.

Personality traits of people born in March

They are attractive. Loving, they can be shy, reserved and very secretive. They are by nature honest, generous and friendly. Although they are sensitive and trustworthy, they are easy to aggravate, they are in a bad mood and can be vengeful. They love to dream, fantasize and love to travel. They make mistakes, though. They make hasty decisions when partners are involved.

What scientists say

People born in March are more likely to develop asthma. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that due to the lack of sunlight, vitamin D in the uterus is insufficient. This lack of vitamin D can also slow down brain development. They are more likely to pursue an unconventional career, such as an artist.

4. People born in April

Humans born in April are influenced by the number 4. They are generally perceived as stubborn, authoritarian and impulsive. You can also be very creative and intelligent. They are natural leaders with great ambitions and a natural charisma. As a result, they attract many friends and lovers throughout their lives. Because of their ambitions, they may seem overbearing.

Personality traits of people born in April

People born in April are active and dynamic. They are very important, but sometimes they act hastily. They are attractive and loving. They are mentally strong and act as guides and motivators for their friends when they want to help solve their problems. They are also very generous. They are adventurous, brave and fearless. They are emotional, and sometimes this emotion can lead to aggression.

What scientists say

People born in April are subject to alcoholism. Still sunlight is the problem. Sun deficiency in the uterus results in vitamin D deficiency. As a result, many baby genes in the uterus are unregulated. In addition to alcoholism, people born in July are vulnerable to autism, depression and seasonal mood disorders.

5. People born in May

People born in May are dominated by the number 5. Self-expression is important to them. That’s why they are likely to become talented musicians, actors, or writers. They have great respect for authority and believe in the sanctity of marriage. They value their friends above all else and are very social. But you still want time for yourself. The time they spend alone is very helpful in helping them find their balance.

Personality traits of people born in May

People born in May are stubborn, hard-hearted, strong-minded and highly motivated. They are sharp and systematic thinkers. They are dreamers, friendly and understanding. They do not want to be tied to a place because they are restless and like to travel. They have a great body but can suffer from ear and neck pain and weak breathing. They work hard, love their family, but they do not like to have many children.

What scientists say

For these people, you should know that they have glaucoma and diabetes. According to many scientists, this phenomenon is due to solar radiation during pregnancy. According to Russell Foster, a scientist at Oxford University, sunlight disrupts the various stages of uterine development during certain months. He also claims that these people have a lower IQ for this reason.

6. People born in June

The fate of these people is determined by the number 6. They are very jealous but at the same time very romantic. They are also fantastic and very sensual lovers. In most cases, their love life is very complex and they can easily get involved in the past.

In terms of career, creative art suits them best. They also like to applaud, but they are very philanthropic and caring. Older members of the family represent a world for these people, but they do not like children very much.

Personality traits of people born in June

Born in June, people think a lot about their future and you can easily influence them with kindness. They are very polite and have lots of ideas. Now they are very sensitive and active, even if they sometimes hesitate.

Almost in all cases, they are difficult, but who can blame them, they want only the best. You should also know that these people are very lively, humorous and funny and like to joke.

They have excellent skills for debate and are happy to talk. People born in June are very friendly and love to dream. It is very easy for them to find friends, but they tend to show their character very quickly, which often hurts them.

In health, they are prone to colds. Even these people are stubborn and difficult and can get bored quickly. If they hurt themselves, they must recover a little. They are very aware of the brand.

What scientists say

According to a study, June has the highest number of Nobel laureates and CEOs. Many scientists have also stated that babies born in June finally had a break because they were exposed to more sunlight in the belly and after birth. Since these people were not exposed to sunlight during the first months of development, they often suffer from vision problems.

7. People born in July

The numerological rule of these people is number 7. People born in July are friendly, open and sincere. They will do everything to protect their relationships and take good care of their families. From time to time, they can be very sarcastic and cynical and be a little lonely.

In terms of their lifestyle and how they dress, these people can be very eccentric. What you need to know, however, is that many people born in July are geniuses. On the other hand, they are sometimes very sensitive and often subject to depression.

Personality traits of people born in July

You will never be bored with these people. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand. If they are not tense or excited, they are very calm. They work very hard and honest.

They are also very concerned about the feelings of others and are tactful. Although they are not always available, they are very friendly. As for the emotions, they are very lively, in a bad mood and can easily get hurt. They are neither vengeful nor mean, but they know they are funny. People born in July are forgiven, but they never forget.

They do not like illogical or absurd things. That’s why they close their friendships with care. They treat everyone the same way and are very kind and caring.

These people judge others by observations. You should also know that these people have no problem learning. However, they have trouble making new friends, which is why they like to be alone. They think a lot about their past and they miss their old friends. If they hurt themselves, they will take a long time to recover.

8. People born in August

The fate of these people is 8. These people are usually the pillars of the community. People born in August are affectionate, full-bodied and enjoy their wedding and see only the best of the population. They work very hard, which can sometimes lead to health problems. These people are known for their philanthropy and team spirit. They inspire others to do their best. They can make money very easily.

Personality traits of people born in August

For people born in August, we can say that they are very attractive and like to joke. In addition, they are very caring, fearless, courageous, polite, firm and born to become leaders. These people also know how to comfort others, even if they are sometimes very selfish.

People born in August have an extraordinary spirit and a thirst for praise. It annoys them easily and when they are provoked, they can be very angry. You can also become very jealous. They are very attentive, attentive, attentive, they are fast in the matter, but have independent thoughts.

They like to be led, but in most cases they want to be leaders. These people have talents in music, defense and art. In health, they tend to be sick. They are also romantic, caring, affectionate and love to make new friends.

What scientists say

Many scientists say that babies born in August have more problems in school. According to the UK Institute of Tax Studies, these people are 30% more likely than “problem” students than their children born in September. They are at a disadvantage because they are usually the youngest children in the class and have trouble keeping up. Because of their academic failure, they often pursue a career.

9. People born in September

The fate of those born on September 9th. For these people, it can be said that their fate is to play many roles in their lives. This is mainly due to their flexibility and intelligence. These people are also very organized, mentally and intelligently. They also tend to over-analyze any situation, which can easily cause them problems. Their greatest weakness is that they are prone to depression.

Personality traits of people born in September

For these people, it is easy to say that they are uncompromising, polite, organized, cautious, cautious and calm. However, they feel very comfortable talking to a group of people. In addition, they are very generous, sensitive, competent and intelligent.

These people barely show feelings and tend to hide them. They are excellent secret holders. Relationships can be very difficult. They love sports.

What scientists say

Many scientists say the best students at the school were born in September. This is mainly due to the fact that these people are the oldest of their classes. According to the same report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, people born in September are the most likely to go to university and pursue a career. Being an elder in the class is their advantage and they can more easily master new concepts.

10. People born in October

The number of people born in October is 10, which means a higher vibration of 1, and we think this is very important. Of course, people born in October are very happy. These people almost always achieve their goals. The disadvantage of your personality is that you can be very contentious when you are crossed, and that you also have a huge capacity for revenge and deception.

For these people, we can also say that if they can manage their own inner demons, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams of life. These people have the potential to be the best leaders in their field.

Personality traits of people born in October

These people love everyone who loves them and likes to chat. They also like being at the center of every event. They value the physical and inner beauty of people and are usually very sexy. These people can easily get angry. They always make new friends. And if they hurt themselves, they can recover very easily. They are dreamers, loyal, insightful, emotional, determined, very far-sighted and enjoy traveling, loving art and literature.

In some cases, however, they can be very sensitive and jealous, but they are honest, concerned, love nature, are fair and just, waste and love children. Sometimes, they easily lose their self-confidence.

What scientists say

Many scientists say that people born in October live the longest. According to some research, these people live on average 160 days more than those born in the spring. This is mainly due to the fact that they receive optimal sun exposure during pregnancy and early development.

11. People born in November

The number of people born in November is number 11, a higher vibration of 2. This is very important for these people. For these people, we can say that they are psychic, compassionate and positive. In some cases, however, they may be overwhelmed by their own sensitivity, which causes them to develop health problems and psychological problems related to stress, such as chronic fatigue and depression. These people are known to serve as an example to others and they are excellent teachers.

Personality traits of people born in November

For these people, we can say that they think about the future and have a lot of ideas. People born in November are brilliant, unique, have extraordinary ideas, they are clever thinkers, they have fine and strong foresight and tend to become excellent doctors.

Their personality is dynamic, they are mysterious, curious, know how to dig secrets and always think. Although they are less talkative, they know they are nice. They are patient, generous, courageous, determined, stubborn and hard. For them, the rule applies – if there is a will, there will be a way.

They never give up and do not motivate others. If they are not provoked, they will not get angry. In some cases, they are alone and enjoy spending time with themselves. For those born in November, we can easily say that they think differently and do not appreciate the praise.

In addition, they are lively and well built. As for the love they love deeply emotionally, they are also romantic, although sometimes they may be unstable in their relationships. These people are also simple, hard working, have high skills, are trustworthy, honest and know how to keep secrets. In some cases, they can not control their emotions.

What scientists say

Many scientists say that those born in November are also known as pessimists. According to a study conducted in 2005 by Swedish scientists, it is mainly because they are deprived of dopamine. Dopamine is the “happy chemical” released by the sun even after birth. This study was conducted on more than 30,000 people to determine their “happiness” and the results showed that babies born in November are the lowest rated.

12. People born in December

The number of fates of those born in December is 12, which corresponds to a vibration higher than 3. For these people, we can freely say that they are philosophers who value a stable lifestyle. They also have an unusual luck and wealth, and love is very easy for them.

People born in December also have an active social life. Because of their social life, they forget and, in most cases, ignore their responsibilities. They see themselves as happy and therefore often take dangerous risks. The key to success for people born this month is the realization that they are not immortal.

Personality traits of people born in December

For people born in December, we can say that they are sexy, generous and loyal. They are also patriotic, interactive and active in games, eager, impatient, ambitious and influential in organizations.

However, if you are near you, you will not be bored. People born in December like to socialize. They love praise, attention and love. These people are honest and trustworthy and do not pretend. However, they are entertaining and have a changing personality, even if they are not selfish. Moreover, they are proud of themselves and hate the limitations.










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