Manager ejects elderly woman from the restaurant, only to discover who she really is later.

This lady had been going to the same restaurant every week for years. She made it a point to order the daily special every day, and it was the highlight of her day.

This man, however, abruptly ejected her from the restaurant one day. He quickly came to regret his actions…

Because he received the shock of his life when he discovered who this old lady truly was…


This 88-year-old patronized the same eatery on a daily basis. She lived alone and ate the daily special every day. It was a much-anticipated trip for her…

She knew everyone on staff, and they all chatted with her while she ate.

But she was acting suspiciously the previous time she was in the restaurant! She was nervous over dinner and didn’t want to talk to the employees like she usually did.

To add insult to injury, she went away without paying. When the waiter removed her table, however, he noticed an odd surprise!

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The staff saw the woman wasn’t feeling well and questioned what was wrong. They made the decision not to pursue the woman for the money she owed them.

After all, she was a frequent visitor, and the payment could be paid later.

For the past 30 years, the woman had been a regular at their restaurant. At the same table by the window, at the same time, every time.

Because she was well-known among the workforce, everyone suspected something weird was going on… But what is it, exactly?

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Bea hadn’t always visited the restaurant alone. Bea arrived with her husband at first. Because of the high quality of the cuisine, her husband adored the modest and inexpensive restaurant.

Bea and her husband dined there for the first time in the restaurant’s first week of operation.

She also frequented the restaurant with her family. The restaurant was also booked out exclusively for her 30-year wedding anniversary celebration. There was delectable cuisine and dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

However, the old lady’s life was not always so joyous…

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The love of her life passed suddenly less than a year ago, after a brief illness. Bea was unable to cope and found being alone quite tough.

For weeks, the elderly lady wailed. She was alone and had no one with whom to converse. There was no one to cuddle with.

Family and friends watched as the once happy woman became increasingly depressed. She wasn’t in the mood for anything anymore. She was nearly unable to eat and refused to receive any guests.

However, assistance eventually arrived from an unexpected source.

On the doormat, there was a letter…

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The letter was written by the personnel at the restaurant where she worked every week. They recognised her and offered her a free supper because they hadn’t seen her in a while.

Her upbeat and upbeat presence at the restaurant has been missed by the personnel.

Bea had to make a difficult decision. It would be her first trip on her own. She had never gone to a restaurant by herself before. But she had no choice!

She needed to try to pull herself out of the abyss of despair she was in. And she was certain that seeing the restaurant employees would help her…

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Bea’s life had changed dramatically in the last three months, but the restaurant remained the same as it had always been. She recognised the smells and heard the same noises coming from the kitchen.

It was as if the widow had returned home. Her table was set aside for her, and she took a seat in her comfortable chair. Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed out the window.

She reflected, “Here I am.” But then the restaurant’s owner sat down with her. He desired to remain in her presence.

He assured her, “We’ve known each other for over 30 years, so we won’t let you down!”

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It had been a fantastic evening for Bea. For a few periods, she forgot about her loss as she interacted with the personnel. They assisted her throughout the evening in the hopes of seeing Bea again soon.

Bea climbed out of the deep valley she had been in since her husband’s death, slowly but steadily. Everyone could see her reverting to the pleasant woman she had always been.

But, just as things seemed to be getting better, something unexpected happened at the restaurant.


A new floor manager had been appointed, which had created a minor adjustment to the restaurant’s dynamics. And the man in question didn’t care about his employees’ well-being.

He didn’t mind upsetting the personnel because he loved to mix things up. When Bea walked in, she instantly spotted it. The mood had become gloomier. There was no longer any time for visitors, and everyone went to work with a grumpy expression on their face.

Then came Bea, who was so nice. She took a seat at her table, and the wait staff did everything they could to get her favourite cuisine as soon as possible. So, how about a little chat? Because the floor manager’s gaze was locked on them, they couldn’t.

He grimaced and stepped over to Bea, an angry expression on his face…

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Among the staff, he heard Bea’s name. And he didn’t see the friendly, regular client whom everyone adored in this situation. On the bulletin board, he noticed the receipt. A receipt adorned with hearts and encouraging comments from the staff. Regardless, there’s a receipt for a bill that hasn’t been paid!

With receipt in hand, he stormed over to Bea and began sternly speaking to her.

“This restaurant is only open to paying customers. I don’t care if everyone thinks you’re a wonderful person. I’m going to have to ask you to leave the restaurant because you haven’t paid your tab. We are not a charitable organisation.”

Bea sat motionless, saying nothing. She took a piece of paper from her handbag and scribbled something on it while she gazed at the man. She stuffed it into the black wallet on the table and walked away without saying anything… 

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Robin was in charge of clearing the woman’s table. He placed the cutlery on the plates and began to discard the napkin. He did, however, notice the black pocketbook that Bea had left behind under the napkin.

Is this the payment for the bill? Maybe she just left the money on the table and walked away?

Robin took the wallet and opened it, curious. However, there was no cash inside.

All that was left was a note that would impact the lives of all of the restaurant’s employees.

Robin ripped the note from the black folder and cried out in pain.

What had he just finished reading?

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A sheet of paper with a poignant note on one side was found in the folder: To the restaurant employees, I have enjoyed coming to this restaurant for over 30 years. Everything at the restaurant has changed over the years: the staff has come and gone, the menu has changed hundreds of times, but I have never left.

I’ve had a lot of happy times here, but you’ve always been there for me, even when things were tough. Now that I am elderly and ailing, I would like to express my gratitude by giving you a substantial sum of money.

That new floor manager, on the other hand, will not see a nickel of my money, was scrawled in pen at the bottom of the check. I’ll also phone the restaurant owner to tell him how I feel about that horrible dude.

The waiter turned over the check with trembling hands and saw the ridiculous amount…

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The check was for 550 dollars. It was given to them by an elderly woman who had been a regular at their restaurant for many years and wanted to do something kind for the employees who had always been supportive of her.

Robin couldn’t believe what he was seeing and handed the cheque to the proprietor, who was in tears. He’d known Bea for 30 years and knew he’d never see her at her usual table again.

He was content with the money, but he preferred Bea to be happy and healthy, eating and chatting with him, because loved ones are more valuable than all the money in the world.

After a brief phone conversation with Bea, the floor manager was fired on the spot. Bea was correct; such a man had no place at the restaurant which she had called home for the past 30 years.

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