My days fly by. How about you? As I’ve gotten older, time goes by so much faster. And I know that time isn’t really moving faster, it’s just that I notice it more.

When we are young, we think we will never become older. We don’t worry so much about getting things done because we have so much time.

Completing certain things or finalizing things don’t seem to hold as much significance when you are younger as they do when you are older.

I wish I had known when I was younger just how precious time is. I realize it now. Don’t ever forget it, friends. Time is so precious.

Memories remind us that nothing lasts forever. Time is precious and should not be wasted. Enjoy life and remember, don’t count the days, make the days count.

We often get caught up in the chaos and drama of life. If we let it, life’s “situations” will keep us in a place of “running nowhere too fast”.

Don’t let the daily grind of life do that to you. Life is too short to live it in a chaotic, too fast lane. Inhale peace and exhale drama and stress.

Do your best to live with no regrets. You can’t do anything about what has happened in the past. It is gone, never to return. We all make mistakes, but we have to see those mistakes as lessons learned and move on from them.

Don’t let what happened yesterday ruin your today. You can’t fix what happened and you can’t erase it. All you can do is learn from it and move forward.

And don’t spend your time worrying about the future. God is already there. Let Him handle it for you. No amount of worrying has ever changed anything. Keep your eyes and heart on God.

Live for today. Don’t waste a single second of time. It is just too precious to waste. Enjoy your life. Be happy with who you have in your life and what you have in your life.

Yes, we could all have more, but we could also have less. We could have much less. When asked if your glass is half full or half empty, be thankful you have a glass.

Life is a journey. And happiness is found in the journey. Make each second of your journey count. If you fall down, get back up and dust yourself off. Keep moving forward.

Don’t count the days, make the days count!

Sending you love and gratitude from Sterrett, Alabama!

Charity M. Richey-Bentley