Loving Husband Massages His Tired Pregnant Wife’s Feet in Public

It is true that a lot of guys feel hesitant to display their love for their wives or girlfriends in public. Maybe for this reason, recently a man who massaged his pregnant wife’s tired feet in public went viral on social media.

The unidentified husband and his pregnant wife in the viral post was shared by Facebook page . It can be seen from the video that this guy truly loves this tired woman.

Reportedly, the video was taken in what appears to be the stairs leading to the MRT/LRT station somewhere in Metro Manila.

Photo credit: Boiling Waters / Facebook

The man can be seen squatting on the floor when he gave his wife’s tired feet a massage.

The video gained attention and engagements online. Some people might laugh at this or say this was ‘nothing special’, some others claimed that the woman was just being OA (overacting): “you should know that pregnant women get easily tired and that walking or even standing up for long periods of time can greatly affect their legs.”

“Some women even experience leg cramps even if they are just standing up. This is actually the reason why are always given priority in queues.”

Photo credit: Boiling Waters / Facebook

A lot of ladies expressed their envy that this woman found who doesn’t hesitate to give her a massage just because her legs and feet were tired. Others pointed out that she probably experienced , that’s why he did that.

“Well, leg cramps or just tired feet, it still feels great to see this man doing his best to make his pregnant wife comfortable.”

In the caption for the video, wrote, “Spotted: Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Brad, ito gayahin mo. If you love her, serve her! #WayOfTheWarrior.”

(Spotted: Pregnant woman who got tired, massaged by husband! Brothers, you should use this as example. , ! #WayOfTheWarrior.)

Source: rachfeed

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