Loving a Narcissist


A Narcissist is someone who has either been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or exhibits Narcissistic behavior. Narcissism is an act of being so self-focused that one no longer sees others or their needs. They only see them as instruments to achieving their goals. Being with someone who has Narcissistic behavior can be frustrating, especially when you love them. Is it possible to love someone so selfish and self-focused? The truth is that love is a beautiful thing and can happen to anyone. We can fall in love with anyone.

How we act on those feelings is what matters. When you fall in love with a Narcissistic person, you might be tempted to think you’re crazy, self-destructive, or masochistic. You might even need a therapist to deal with it. The people around you may be telling you to leave that person and find someone who will really love you because they only love themselves. The things you read online might not really be helpful because there are a lot of negative ( and totally founded) professional opinions in being with a Narcissistic person. Here is the truth, when love is two ways, and it is accurate, and both parties are willing to make it work, then loving a Narcissist will not be difficult. On your part, there are a few things you can do to make it work. You have to be true to yourself.In the midst of all the talks and warnings, try to listen to yourself. Your loving a Narcissist does not make you self -destructive. In reality, a lot of Narcissists are charming, and they can be romantic, great lovers and can be quite sensitive to your needs. Regardless of what you have read, if you are with a person that goes out of their way to satisfy you most of the time, then you are good. However, if you find yourself continually hurting, complaining to those around you, and feeling out of sorts, then move on. The whole point is that you have to listen to yourself. Ask yourself, “does this person make me feel insecure? Do I feel cherished? Am I with them because I feel special when I’m with them? Will my self-esteem be better without them? Am I giving up more than what I am getting? Am I with them because other people think they are special? These are some of the real questions to ask yourself. Do a proper self-inventory to know if being with a Narcissistic person does more harm to you. Be realistic about your expectations of them. Know which parts of your expectations are fantasies and which parts are realistic. Review your expectations. Sometimes the thing we expect from our partners might not come the way we envisioned. Be honest and real enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Avoid trying to build up castles in the air and feeling disappointed when the castles do not stand. Ask yourself if you can truly live with what they are bringing to the table. Will you miss the things that are not there?

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