Little Old Man Wants to Play Golf.

A Little Old Man Wants to Play Golf One Day.

He walks into the pro shop and they pair him up with two other golfers, Jesus and Moses.

On the first tee box, Moses hits his first shot right into a water hazard leading up to the green.

He explains,

“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this.”

Moses approaches the water and raises his hands causing the water to part.

He walks up to his ball and chips it onto the green.

Jesus goes next, hitting his ball right into the same water hazard.

Without any concern, Jesus walks on the water and chips his ball onto the green.

The little old man can’t believe what he is seeing.

But still, he tees up his ball and makes great contact.

As the ball flies directly at the hole, a strong gust of wind suddenly pushes the ball towards the water.

A fish jumps out of the water and swallows the ball. Before the fish can land back in the water, a bird catches the fish in mid-air and flies off.

Then a bolt of lightning strikes the bird.

The ball hit by the little old man flies downward directly at the green and rolls in for a hole in 1.

Jesus looks over at the little old man and says,

“Alright Dad, quit scr*wing around. Let’s play some golf.”

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