Little Johnny Was Waiting At Home For His Parents Guests. –

On a Saturday afternoon Little Johnny was waiting at home for his parent’s guests to arrive.

His parents were having dinner with his mum’s boss.

Little Johnny walked into the room to find his parents having a fight.

“b!tch!” yelled his dad.

“[email protected]!” yelled his mum.

“what do those words mean?” asked Little Johnny.

“b!tch is just another word for a lady.” said his dad.

“and the [email protected] is just another word for man.” said his mum.

Later on, Little Johnny walked into the kitchen while his mum was cutting the chicken.

“f*ck!” said Little Johnny’s mum as she cut her finger on the knife.

“what does that word mean?” said Little Johnny.

“oh it’s just another word for cut Johnny,” said his mum.

Johnny was walking around the house waiting for the guests to arrive.

He walked into the bathroom while his dad was shaving.

“sh!t!” said Johnny’s dad as he cut himself with the razor.

“what’s that mean dad?” said Johnny.

“just another word for shaving cream Johnny,” said his dad.

Finally, Little Johnny heard the doorbell ring.

He opened the door and.saw the guests standing there.

“hi b!tch, hi [email protected] my mum’s in the kitchen f*cking the chicken and my dad’s in the bathroom wiping the sh!t off his face”.

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