Little Johnny Wakes Up. –

One night, Little johnny wakes up and decides he needs to take a p!ss.

So he gets out of bed and on his way to the toilet he stops by his mom and dad’s room and catches them having s*x, he then says

“Dad what are you doing with mom?”

His dad replies

“I’m playing poker, your mum my partner now get lost!”

Then he stops by his sister’s room and this time catches her and her boyfriend having s*x and says

“What are you doing?”

to which she replies: “I’m playing poker, my boyfriends my partner – now go to bed you little freak!”

About an hour later little johnny’s Dad walks into his bedroom and says:

“Johnny what are you doing”

Johnny replies I’m playing poker, why?

“Who’s your partner then?” his dad asks.

To which Johnny says:

“Who needs a partner when you’ve got a good hand.”

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