Little Johnny Comes Home From School. –

Little Johnny comes home from school and tells his father:

-Dad, today I got 4 F’s at school

Dad gets frustrated: -Why, what have you done, what subjects?
Little Johnny: English, Maths, PE and Religion.

Dad: OK, how did you get an F in English class?

Little Johnny: Teacher said: Mary loves John. Mary loves Allan. Mary loves Mark. And asked me: What is Mary in these sentences.

Dad: Mary is a f*cking wh0re.

Little Johnny: That is what I said, so I got an F.

Dad: Wow, and what about Maths?

Little Johnny: Teacher asked me what is 3+2. I said 5 and then she asked me what is 2+3.

Dad: Same sh!t.

Little Johnny: That is exactly what I said.

Dad: Well, OK, and what about PE?

Little Johnny: Teacher told us to raise our hands, so I did. Then told us to lift our left leg, so I did. And then he told us to lift our right leg.

Dad: What are you then supposed to stand on, your d!ck!?

Little Johnny: Yeah, I told same thing and got an F.

D: Huh, and Religion?

Little Johnny: Teacher told us that God is present everywhere around us, so I asked her if the God is present in our neighbour’s cellar and she said that God is present even there.

Dad: Yeah, my a$s, our neighbour doesn’t even have a cellar.

Little Johnny: That’s what I said.

Dad: OK, tomorrow I will go to your school to talk to those teachers.

The next day, dad comes back from school and disappointed says to his son:

“Son, I am sorry but you are kicked out of the school.”

Little Johnny: What, why?

Dad: When I came to school and I got to your classroom there were PE, Maths, English, Religion and Arts teacher sitting there.

Little Johnny: Wait, what was the Arts a$shole doing there?

Dad: That’s what I said.