We only get one chance at this beautiful opportunity called “Life”. We have to make the most of it. We do ourselves a great disservice if we don’t make the most of every single second.

Life is short. Spend it with people who make you laugh and feel loved.  When you first think about this, you may think to yourself, ‘Well, duh. That’s what I do. I don’t really need anyone to tell me that. I already know it’.

You may already know it, but do you really spend your time only with those who make you laugh and feel loved? Do you give any of your free time to anyone who doesn’t make you feel this way?

I didn’t learn this lesson early in life. This has been one of those life lessons that I’ve “grown into”. Earlier in my life, I would often reach out to people who hadn’t reached out to me in a while.

I did it just to make sure they were okay and to let them know I was thinking about them. But I began to realize that if I didn’t reach out to them, I would never hear from them. I loved them as friends, but I didn’t feel the love back.

Even after reaching out a couple of times and we would meet for dinner or meet just to spend time together, I didn’t really feel like they were really there with me. Has that ever happened to you?

So, later in life, I made the decision to spend my time with people who, when around me, make me feel loved. We reach out to each other. We share with each other.

We don’t let time constraints keep us from meeting or at least communicating with each other. In other words, I feel like they love me as much as I love them.

And, oh, how they make me laugh. Sometimes I get so caught up in work and I don’t realize how much I need to laugh. I am blessed to have people who make me laugh, even when I don’t want to smile.

It’s very important for your heart and soul to laugh. Our world is chaotic and often sad. Laughter helps heal us.

Sending you blessings of love and gratitude from Sterrett, Alabama!

Charity M. Richey-Bentley

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