L. Johnny Is In School. –


Little Johnny is in school and the teacher is asking the meaning of some different works.

She asks the class,

“What is an oscillator?”

Little Johnny never heard that word before but he thinks it was “asal eater”.

Asal is the Irish word for a donkey so he replies.

“Miss, I dont know that it is but I think it eats donkeys”.

Someone else gets the correct answer and the teacher asks another one.

Teacher, “What is a copulator?”

Again, johnny misunderstands the word and thinks it was “capall eater”.

Capall being Irish for a horse, he replies,

“I dont know miss but I think it eats horses”.

The teacher gets annoyed at the rubbish he is coming up with so she tells him in an angry voice to put his hand down unless he actually knows the answer in future.

Johnny says, “Miss, I have a question for you actually, what is a vibrator?”

The teacher gets very embarrassed and says,

“Goodness me Johnny, I dont know, what do you think it is?”

“I dont know either”, says Johnny

“but my sister says it eats batteries”.




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