L.Johnny Asked A Questions To His Teacher.


Johnny: Hello Teacher, let me ask you a question.

Teacher: Okay.

Johnny: How do you put an elephant in a refrigerator?

Teacher: You can’t, it’s too big.

Johnny: Wrong. All you have to do is open the refrigerator and put it in there.

Teacher: Hm. Okay then.

Johnny: Let me ask you another question. How do put a Donkey inside that fridge?

Teacher: Easy, just open the door and put it in there.

Johnny: Still wrong. First, you have to take the elephant out, then put the donkey in the fridge.

Teacher: Uh, okay.

Johnny: Next question. If a lion had a birthday party and all the animals went to it, what animal is missing?

Teacher: All because the lion eats them.

Johnny: Wrong, the donkey is missing because he’s still in the fridge.

Teacher: Are you kidding me?

Johnny: Okay, last question. If you are at a River and crocodiles live in it, how do you get across?

Teacher: You build a boat and float across. If you try to swim across you will be eaten.

Johnny: Nope. All you have to do is swim across because all the animals went to Lion’s birthday party.

Teacher: Get out.

LOL!! So cute!!

Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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