Keep your personal business


Just because you don’t share it on social media, doesn’t mean you’re not up to big things. Live it and stay low key, privacy is everything.

It is not advisable to tell every detail of your life to everyone. Sometimes a listening ear becomes a running mouth. Keep your secrets for yourself. Discussing your personal information with everyone, especially sensitive topics, usually leads to disappointment.


1 – Your deepest thoughts

What you think about certain topics should be your belief and not what you try to inculcate into others. For example, if you think about spirituality or life, it would bring so many reactions of diverse kinds when you choose to make them a topic for discussion. Learn how to understand that your thoughts are your interpretation and not the objective truth or you will get bad results with such arguments.

2 – Your philanthropy

Giving a helping hand to a person or any other form of charitable work is very good and contributes a lot to the development of individuals and our society. It is more valuable if you do not seek recognition for such benevolence. Normally, when you try to advertise how you have been helpful, it usually comes out to be some sort of boasting as many will have the thought that your initial intentions for such support were to seek popularity. There’s much virtue to add value to people and remain anonymous.

3 – Your goals

Your plans must be carefully guarded until you can achieve them. When you talk about such projects out loud, others can steal your ideas and work on them more effectively, dealing with loopholes you may not have noticed in your plans. A demoralizing experience like this would make you regret you made your plans known to anyone, so keep them secret. Keep them safe.

4 – Your lifestyle

Certain details about your personality, for example, religious life,… overcoming a bad habit, etc. are better kept a secret unless you trust the person with whom you’re speaking. It is not worth giving your emotional conditions to everyone. It is not necessary to wait for people’s judgments.

5 – Your family’s dirty laundry

It is disrespectful and imprudent to tell stories of conflicts within your family to others. It devalues you as a person and can ridicule your family. Often, such stories are passed on until, down the line, the true story has completely changed. The problems in your home are better resolved in the home. Keep family problems within the confines of your home and loved ones.