Johnny’s Teacher Gives The Class A Homework. –

Little Johnny’s teacher gives the class a homework assignment,

“Explain the difference between a theory and reality.”

Little Johnny goes home and is so stumped he asks his sister ages 21 and 16 for help, and they can’t come up with anything either.

He then tries asking his father.

The father thinks for a bit and replies,

“Go to your older sister and ask her if she would suck a guy’s d!**. Then ask her if she would do it for a million dollars. Then go to your younger sister and ask her the same two questions. Write down their answers and bring them back to me.”

Johnny says, “Okay,” and runs off to find his older sister.

He asks her the first question and she responds,

“Maybe if I like him.”

“Would you do it for a million dollars?”

She replies, “Hell yes!”

He finds the younger sister and asks her the same questions.

Her first reply was “Eeeew, no!” but the second answer was “Yeah, sure.”

Johnny writes down their answers and takes them back to his father.

The father looks over them and replies,

“There you go.”

Johnny asks, “What do you mean?”

The father says, “Well, in theory, we have two million dollars, but in reality, we have two c0*k s****r’s.”

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