Johnny Spends A Rare Weekend With His Dad. –

Little Johnny spends a rare weekend with his dad:

“Son, this is your weekend, have anything you want. Ask and ye shall receive.”

After a little thought, Johnny says.

“Dad, dad, dad, I want a donkey.”

The father wasn’t expecting this strange request, but he was a man of his word.

“Okay son, Ask and ye shall receive.”

The next day, they go to the local pets at home and buy a donkey.

When they get it home the Little Johnny chirps.

“Dad, can I call the donkey Wanker?”

“Don’t be so….” And then dad remembers the promise.

“Of course son. Wanker it is.”

Johnny then spends a fantastic day getting to know his new pet.

That evening, they tie the donkey up in the garden.

The next morning, Little Johnny wakes up early and looks out of the window, to his horror the donkey has broken free, jumped the fence and is nonchalantly munching grass half a mile away.

Johnny panics and runs into his dad’s bedroom.

“Dad, dad, dad. Wanker’s off over the field.”

“Look Johnny, I know I made a promise, but there are limits!”