Johnny Loved To Go Fishing. –

Little Johnny loved to go fishing but he ain’t no good at it till.

one day he found an old box of dynamite sitting by his fishing rods in his garage

So he figured out dynamite brings all the fish to the top of the water.

So grabs a net and catches a hell of fish but ole Joey is one of Johnnys ole school buddy’s and heard about Little Johnnys shenanigans.

Ole Joey is the game warden and decides to catch Little Johnny in the act.

So he asks Lil Johnny if he knows any good fishing spots.

And of course, Lil Johnny tells Joey to come fishing with him this weekend he’ll show him the best fishing spot with the best secret bait.

Soo they got out to the middle the ole no bite fishing lake Joey said he’ll man we will never catch nothin out here man Johnny lights a stick of dynamite and throws it back and it blows up

Joey tells Johnny hell that’s illegal Johnny ima have to arrest you Little Johnny said,

“hold on one sec” and lights another one and hands it to Joey says,

“you going to fish or take me to jail with one hand Joey threw the stick “.

Lil Johnny said,

” well now I’m an accomplice but don’t worry I won’t tell anybody but can you pass me a beer and a net we gotta get to catch”

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