If I Was Born 10 Years Ago How Old Would I Be- Riddle Only For Genius

If I was born 10 years ago. How old would I be today?

Ever since this riddle “if i was born 10 years ago how old would i be” appeared online, many have tried to answer it and only few have been able to get its answer right.

(Don’t worry, “if i was born ten years ago riddle” answer is included.)


The correct answer to if i was born 10 years ago how old would i be riddle is: TEN (10 years old).


Do you love a good and tricky riddle? Are you pleased if you can work it out? We really recommend that you share riddles with your children and family.

Riddles are not just fun but also more than this they are beneficial for children than you might first imagine and maybe in more ways than you might ever expect too! However we suggest that you don’t give them the answers away too quickly, otherwise many of the benefits are lost…

Riddles can support and improve children’s problem solving, critical thinking skills, logic, concentration, focus and brain dexterity.

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