I Love My Son


Everyone says their kids are awesome. Almost everyone that is, but the truth is, most parents see the best in their kids. While I like to say my son is amazing, I also know that he isn’t perfect, but he is also one of the best persons in the world to me. There are some things that I am absolutely sure about. Loving my son is one thing I am sure of, and if I have to live this life again, I will pick being his mother.

There is a basic maternal instinct that causes all women to adore their kids. There is also something about each person that causes us to love them beyond what is natural and obtainable. The love I have for my son is beyond maternal love. Being a mother has opened me up to the numerous ways a person can love another. When I look at my son, I am amazed at how much the little things he does make me fall in love with him more. Have you ever looked at another human being and just lose your heart to them because they smile? That is the way I feel about my son. My husband joked about it all the time, saying he thinks I love my son more than him. I have always thought I knew what it meant to love a child. Raising my son has taught me that loving a child is all shades of emotion. The fact that one tiny human being can make me agony and extremely mad simultaneously says a lot about loving a child. As I watch my son grow, and I fall more in love with his smiles, I understand that I have been blessed immensely.

I love my son’s smile. I adore his smiles. Whenever he smiles at me, I am amazed at how much he looks like my husband and I. As soon as he grew old enough to start giving hugs, my son was hugging me everywhere. He still does it. I look forward to his hugs. When he is leaving for school, he still runs back to me to hug me. When he comes back from school, he is running down the lawn to hug me. I cherish those moments a lot. Although my son is grown, he still hugs me because he knows how much I cherish his hugs. One of the most beautiful things about my son is his heart. He has a heart of gold.

My son is always sharing his food and his toys with those around him. He sees people around him. He wants to make people smile, and this brings me so much joy. In a world where a lot of people are entitled and self-centered, I am happy that my son sees people with love. He does not care who the person is or what they might be doing; if he thinks you need a hug or to be consoled, my son will try to make you happy. I have seen the heart of my son, and I admire it a lot.

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