I love my Sister, there is nobody like her


“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”
—Amy Li

Your big sister is your best and oldest friend, your greatest critic and your fiercest protector. She can drive you mad and bring you to tears, but she’s also the only person out there that you will love unconditionally no matter what. She is your big sister, after all.

She Is Your Best and Most Loyal Friend

Having been there literally from day one, she’ll have witnessed all those important moments in your life: from your first baby steps, your first pimples, your first bad breakup and just pretty much each phase of your development to adulthood as they come along one after the other. Big sisters are good at dealing with a bad attitude and teen tantrums and are good at giving advice too.

You Share the Same Closet

Have you ever noticed that her clothes always seem to look somewhat better on you? Big sister equals a big closet, and I for one am not ashamed to admit to borrowing a T-shirt or two from my big sister’s closet when we shared a room back in the day.

She Knows How to Deal with Your Parents.

Whatever problem you may have with your parents, you can bet your big sister has been there too. Using her own experience, she will help you navigate the problem much more smoothly than you would have yourself. Think of her as your experienced “wingman”.

Anything Goes

There are really no boundaries when it comes to interacting with your big sister. You can walk around in your underwear all day long without trying to act and look at your best. You can invade her privacy in the most blatant of ways and not feel bad about it. And how about those talks about life and the mysteries of love while she is sitting on the toilet? Priceless.

She Is the Go-To Person for Cool Movies, Music and Fashion Trends

Personally, I have my big sister to thank for steering me away from the fake hair bands of the 80s and the insufferable boy bands of the 90s. To be honest, I ’ve had my share of questionable haircuts and fashion statements, but my big sister has always been here to burst that bubble and point out the atrocities.

She Will Not Sugarcoat the Truth

Friends tend to withhold their real opinion about you or something about you simply to avoid confrontation. Big sisters? – not so much! They will slap the truth right in your face. We all need a reality check every once in a while and your big sister will do just that.

You Are Always Welcome

Your big sister will always find time for you when you feel like getting away from everything and need a shoulder to cry on. It’s a door that will always be open for you, no matter what.

She Knows What You are Made Of

Whenever you have doubts about your ability to do anything, your big sister is there to reassure you and give you the strength to follow things through. You are both cut from the same cloth and she knows best what your strengths are and what you are capable of achieving. She will always be your biggest fan!

Affordable Therapy

Big sisters always seem to find the right words to say. It’s almost as though they have this magic power to make you feel that everything is going to work out just fine in the end. Before you try the shrink, try the sister.

She Is Always There for You

Try as you might, you will never make your sister walk out on you. No matter what your “crime” is, she will always have your back, even if you’ve failed to be there during her dark hours. The big sisters are here for that! Big sisters are really the best and having a big sister sure is a gift. So, if you have a big sister, make sure you let her know how much you appreciate her.


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