‘I Dream of Jeanie’ star‚ Barbara Eden‚ celebrated 89th birthday


We all do remember Barbara Eden from I dream of Jeanie; the ageless beautiful star just turned 89 and she still looks so beautiful like a teenager.

It feels like I Dream of Jeanie was yesterday and we can vividly remember her acting alongside Larry Hagman and it seems she is aging backward.

Barbara Eden is a singer‚ producer and an American star actress who’s well known for her role in the sitcom I dream of Jeanie. The superstar was born in August 1934.

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Her first Tv show was called The Feminist and she’s best known for her comedy roles in films.

In the movie ‘In the Stranger Within‚’’ she played the role of a housewife and in other movies and she played the roles perfectly. During her long career, she starred in over 24 films and five network TV series.

Looking back at her childhood‚ barbara was just three years old when her parents divorced and she moved to San Francisco with her mother. Her mother later married a telephone man‚ but they didn’t have much to keep the family running and were hit by financial depression. Those moments Barbara’s mom always sang to her and that’s how Barbara’s interest in theatre arts grew.

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Barbara Eden before the fame at the age of 14 started singing in local nightclubs for $10 per night.

Barbara’s life as an actress is a long ride; in her early days she appeared in shows like I Love Lucy‚ the Johnny Carson Show‚ and the Father Knows Best.

Barbara first got married to actor Michael Ansara in October‚ 1957 and they got divorced in 1974. She had issues with having children in her first marriage and had stillborn birth and miscarriages. She later had Mathew and they called him their charm baby. They lost Mathew to a drug overdose in 2001 at the age of 31.

Barbara found love again after her first divorce; the ex-pair were married for five years before they went their separate ways.

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The American actress sure has a long history with a successful career; it’s been long I Dream of Jeanie graced our screens and it still feels like yesterday. The amazing actress is 89 years today and we wish her the best. We hope she sees many more years and many lines always fall in pleasant places for her.

Happy birthday Barbara Eden.

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