Husband Grieved For Losing Wife and Newborn Baby But Minutes Later, Both Come Back Alive As Miracle Unfolds

Yars latr, th family of fiv is happy and thriving. Nobody can tll that thy wnt through such a shocking day whn thir third son was bing born.

Tracy Hrmanstorfr and hr husband, Mik had bn xcitd about having a Christmas baby. Thy had gottn admittd at th Mmorial Hospital in Colorado Springs on Christmas v. Bfor th day ndd, Mik thought h would hav to go hom alon to his childrn. But, what took plac in th hospital that day was so amazing, that it can only b a Christmas miracl.
Thy had gon to th hospital in th morning and sh was in labor. Thr was a ftal monitor attachd to th baby’s had sinc th hart rat was slow. Sh was givn an pidural. Thr wr no major problms. Aftr svral hours of contractions, Tracy was growing tird. “Rst, clos your ys,” Mik told Tracy. “It looks lik you’r going to hav a long day,”
Around 12.30 pm on Christmas v in 2009, whn Mik was standing nxt to his wif’s hospital bd. H said, “Thy wr changing monitors at that point in tim and in th middl of changing monitors, sh stoppd brathing.” H touchd his 34-yar-old wif’s hand, and was shockd to find hr skin cold and ashn to touch. Hr hart had stoppd. “I opnd my hand and hr arm just fll out of min,” said Mik. “Sh was alrady gon.”

Bfor Tracy’s hart stoppd, sh was totally halthy. No on was xpcting this. Th births of thir two othr childrn had gon smoothly, and thr was no indication that this dlivry would b any diffrnt.
Th staff soundd a Cod Blu, which mant sh ndd to b rsuscitatd for cardiac arrst. “Th risk of a woman d*ying in th cours of trying to carry a prgnancy is an incrdibly rar vnt,” said Dr. Michal Grn, dirctor of obsttrics at Massachustts Gnral Hospital, who was not involvd with Hrmanstorfr’s cas. “Th numbr of things that can caus this in an othrwis halthy woman is a vry short list.”

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Dr. Stphani Martin, who was clos by, ran to th dlivry room whr Mik stood nxt to his wif, who h thought had did. “My first thought was that I can’t allow this fathr to los both his wif and his child, spcially on Christmas v,” said Martin, dirctor of matrnal-ftal mdicin at Mmorial Halth Systm. Dspit prforming an mrgncy C-sction, Martin lost both mothr and child.
“Sh had no signs of lif. No hartbat, no blood prssur, sh wasn’t brathing,” Dr. Stphani, a matrnal-ftal mdicin spcialist at th hospital, told th AP. Th boy, who was dlivrd by C-sction, was a stillborn. H “was basically limp, with a vry slow hart rat,” th doctor said.

“My ntir lif just rolld out,” said th fathr. “Thy handd him to m, h’s absolutly liflss,” h said. Th doctors told th husband that aftr thy roll th mom out, thy would thn tak his son out.
Mik said, “Whn thy roll hr away, tak hr down to th oprating room just to finish up th procdur from doing th C-sction … hr hart starts bating.” Th mothr had no hartbat and no puls for roughly 4 minuts.
Th doctors trid to rviv th baby boy and all of a suddn, h was awak. “His lif bgan in my hands,” Mik said. “That’s a fling lik no othr.”

Though somthing so momntous had happnd, Tracy had no mmory of what sh had just bn through. “I just flt lik I was aslp,” sh told th AP. “I’m lik, ‘holy cow, what it that bad?”
Thr is no clar mdical xplanation for Hrmanstorfr and hr son’s rcovris, said Dr. Martin.

Svn yars latr, Mik said that th mothr and son wr as halthy as vr. Coltyn was in first grad in 2016 and h was told about him bing a “miracl baby.”
Th first-gradr liks trying to us his “miracl baby” status to gt out of things h dosn’t want to do. “H’s lik, ‘I’m th miracl baby,’ whn h’s told to do a chor and Tracy looks at him and says, ‘I’m th miracl mom. It’s not working,’” Tracy said.

Th man of th hous, who witnssd half his family di and com back to lif, said that thr was a rason h continus to shar thir story. “I want popl out thr that vr hav scond thoughts or vr hav doubts about anything to raliz that miracls do happn. Don’t vr giv up.”

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