How to Get the Best Revenge


When we get hurt by people, our instincts tell us to get back at them for hurting us. We want them to feel what we feel, and sometimes, we start plotting ways to get back at them. Everyone or at the very least, a large percentage of us will initially react with a thought of revenge whenever someone does something we consider unfair to us. It takes discipline for some of us to shake off that feeling of seeking revenge and move on. A lot of us do not know how to shake that feeling off. Some of us do not even want to shake the feeling. We want to hurt them back the way they have hurt us. Understandably, we want to get back at people, after all, how are they supposed to know how we feel? How do we satisfy our need to be vindicated and justified? How do we get justice if we don’t get back at them? The truth is that we do not need to get revenge to feel better. When we try to get back at people for wronging us, we end becoming like them. We are no better than the same people we are trying to get back at. Revenge does not make you a better or bigger person; instead, it brings you down to the level of the person who has wronged you. At the end of the day, when we give in to our need for revenge, we give room for negativity. We allow bitterness and even anger to take up space in our minds. The time we would have spent thinking positive thoughts will be wasted on trying to get revenge. The time that you could have used for other more productive things.

An alternative to revenge

First, you need to know that you do not need revenge. It will not make you feel better. There are however, ways to feel better about yourself when people hurt you. Focus your time and energy on being happy. The time you would waste plotting the greatest revenge, spend it on becoming a better person. Work on yourself and look for ways to be happy and successful. Success is a way better revenge than trying to get back at people. Be so busy becoming the best version of yourself that you have no time to think or even plan revenge. Let your happiness be a primary goal for you. When someone wrongs you, do not seek revenge, instead move on. Channel your energy into becoming successful. The journey of success takes focus, determination, and energy. It requires you to be positive minded. To think and act like the success that you are. Revenge and positive mindset do not walk hand-in-hand. Revenge brings with it an air of negative energy. It does nothing for your happiness or your mental growth. Regardless of how baby you have been treated, choose to rather go on your way and focus on being happy.

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