How Others See You? Find Out With This Visual Test:


Most of us are curious about how other people perceive us. So what impressions do we give to the others? Look at this picture, pick the first thing you see, and find out how the others see you! What have you seen before? The face of a guy or a woman?

1 . If you have seen a female: you are generous and positive

You are motivated and always put 100% when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams. People admire you for your generosity and a positive mindset. As a team, you aren’t only good at planning and implementing, but additionally very efficient. You’re good at observing your surroundings, other people’s emotions, and body gestures. When you communicate with the others, you do not offend them because of your empathetic nature and treat people as you want to be treated.
But you are picky and sensitive when it comes to choosing the people you want to go out with or be close to. This is because you understand that your mood and well-being will be adversely affected if you spend too much time with toxic people. You are very aware of your own emotions and establish healthier boundaries with individuals around you.

2. If you have seen a man’s face: you’re strong

You are firm and tough. Once you experience difficulties in life, you don’t show your frustration or sadness to others. You frequently seem happy and worry-free on the outside as you don’t easily reveal your thoughts and emotions to others. In groups, you are always full of energy and have strong leadership skills.
It is possible to make firm decisions, think analytically, rather than easily follow the crowd. You don’t like relying on the others. Take relationships and friends very seriously and always treat others much better than you do. However , sometimes you tend to feel insecure and you have to be reassured by the folks around you.



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