How Many Horses Have 3 Legs Can You See In This Image? It Depends…


What do you call a horse missing one leg? A three-quarter horse!


OK, so maybe that joke wasn’t so good. Let’s just get on to the real riddle here! This picture puzzle was posted by PuppiesLovers on March 3, and it has been shared almost 15,000 times.

Do you think you have what it takes to find all of the horses in this puzzle with three legs? Give it a shot, and scroll down when you think you have the answer:

Oh, and here is some America to listen to while you are working. Because some of the horses are missing legs, but all of them have no name:

OK, think you have the answer? Drum roll, please!

The correct answer is …. it depends?

Whoa, whoa, hear me out, buddy!

If you interpret the question as asking how many horses have ONLY three legs, the answer is five: one in the first row, one in the sixth row, and one in each of the last three rows.

But if you interpret the question as asking how many horses have AT LEAST three legs, then they all do. (There is also a horse without a tail, but that is neither here nor there.)


Only 1% of People Can Find the Animal in the Picture. Can You Find It?

This particular picture is also an illusion that went viral on social media a few months ago. The people who reposted it (again, and again) claimed that only 1% of the population was able to spot the animal in the picture within the first two minutes.

Now ostensibly speaking, it looks like an old man with a Scottish hat on. He has a sad-bordering-on-annoyed facial thing going on.

But is that all?


Take your time.

Some hints:

Feeling frustrated?

Here are some things that might just help you.

  1. Look at the nose. Who on Earth has a nose like that?
  2. Look at the old man’s left ear. Ears don’t look that way; other organs, not found in humans do look that way though.
  3. Look at the old man’s eyes, very, very carefully. Can eyes be THAT symmetric?
  4. Also, try and look at the weird symmetry in his hairline.

Go on.

If you still don’t see it, there is something absolutely elementary that you have to do to find it.

That is, simply, turn the picture upside-down and ta-da!

The big reveal:

It is a cute little puppy chewing on a bone, sitting on a carpet that’s striped diagonally.

If you saw that right away, it would mean two things:

That you are attentive and discerning and your eyes are in good shape.

You are still in touch with your childish side. After all, this reminded me of all the Where’s Waldo? books I read as a child.

In fact, children, in general, are much more attentive to patterns and fractals and not to mention far sharper at spotting things even a little bit out of the ordinary.

If you had fun doing this, make sure to share it with your friends and family.




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