How Many Arrows Do You See? Only 5% Of Viewers Find All Of Them!


Count the arrows in this tricky picture puzzle and win the title of a puzzle master.

We’re back with another challenge that has been baffling internet users for some time. Take a close look at the picture below and figure out what all the fuss is about.

How many arrows did you spot in the pic? Did you find all 4? Ermm, sorry to tell you this but there are many more arrows than just four!

Take another look and focus both on the white as well as the black color this time.

How many arrows did you spot this time? Perhaps you found all 8 of them? Though you may think 8 is the correct answer, we’re sorry to tell you that’s not all of them!

There are in fact NINE arrows hiding in the picture. While 8 of them are huge and in plain sight, the 9th one is hiding in one of the corners and is of similar color as the background of the picture. Go and find it before revealing the solution below!


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