Home Is Where Your Friends Are Family


The either looks confusing, or you recognize that it somehow contradicts itself. Think paradox. Finding a way to balance and bridge the friendship and family life is one of the trickiest things you have to do in a lifetime.

However, it is not impossible. Everything starts and ends with your home. Then follows how you treat the people from these two parts of your lives. If you are able to find common ground, you would be building an empire of love.

Making Your Friends Become Family
If you have ever been to a house where you were comfy and at ease, right from the moment you walked through the door, that is what we are talking about. You have friends and there is every chance they would want to come over to see you and even sometimes even spend the night. As committed as it sounds, it is your job to make them feel at home, and the way to do that treats them like family.

First things first, let them know there is no problem with wearing their shoes inside. Not everyone likes walking around barefooted, especially inside someone else’s home. They will oblige by taking off their shoes if you ask them too, because it is your house after all. But they may feel more comfortable and at home when they are still in that pair of sneakers they wore from their own niches of the world.

But that is not where it ends. Hand them a throw blanket. That is you giving them the go-ahead to get cozy like they would in their own apartments. Also, do not restrict them to just your living room or bedroom. Do show them the rest of the building, including your kitchen. Host them in different spots of the house each time they visit, as that will help them familiarize themselves with the place and start feeling like they actually belong there.

Making Your Family Your Friends
This seems to be the more complicated one, but it is actually easy to understand. So the home consists of your parents and siblings, all of whom are related by blood. Now, most people think that is just it—you are my family or loved one and there is nothing more to it? Despite being connected by one of the most significant things in life, family members sometimes do not know each other, as well as they, should.

Kids grow up to compete with their siblings, and most of the time old habits die hard. But everyone needs to understand that family is all family really has. It is high time you stopped thinking biologically about these people and actually connecting with them like you would with a nice person you meet in the park. Get to know them more, hang out with them more, communicate more and develop a fondness for one another.

Because most people think being related by blood is merely a thing, it is easy for them to chase their lives and forget the ones back home. But things should be better. A family should be some of the best friends as well.

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