Here’s A Tricky Riddle That’s Confusing The Best! Can You Answer It Correctly?

While some riddles are sure to make you work your mind, others are designed to make you have a great time!

But what if we told you that this next riddle is sure to instill you with some fabulous characteristics that will give you the best of both worlds. While we wouldn’t call it hard, we’d certainly like to mention how it’s playing with many people’s minds.

We want you to work hard and figure out the solution, before taking a peek at our answer that’s present at the end. Good luck!


First things first, let’s get to the bottom of this challenge that screams for attention.

One doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same individual whose name happens to be Sarah. Now, the bus driver had to embark on a long bus journey that would reportedly last for a week.

However, before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Can you figure out why he would do something like that?

As bizarre as it sounds, there must be some logic to his behavior!

Are you ready for the final answer? We sure do hope so!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Do you agree?

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