Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate, remember and honor our Mothers. It has always been a wonderful time for me. Unfortunately, for some, Mother’s Day can be so sad.

For many of us, our Mothers are in Heaven and we miss them terribly. We especially miss them during the time of Mother’s Day. So many are celebrating, but if you’ve lost your Mother, you don’t feel like celebrating.

As you get older, it isn’t just the fact that your mother gave birth to you that you celebrate. Of course, this is celebrated, but there is so much more too.

As you get older, you remember and celebrate all the time you’ve had with each other. You remember the good times and the bad. You remember how you supported each other and how, when things seemed really bad, you persevered, worked at it and came through a stronger, happier mother/daughter or mother/son team.

You remember all the times you had as a child when you may not have seen how important she was to you, but now you see it so clearly.

You remember the times your children, her grandchildren, had with her and you are so thankful that they got to spend time with their grandmother and make wonderful memories.

Sometimes the grief from missing our Mothers can overwhelm us and remove any desire for celebration. Grief can sneak up on us and like a thief in the night remove our joy.

But, over time, you start to remember all the good times with your mother. All the laughter that was shared, all the prayers you prayed together and all the blessings you were blessed with as a family.

You learn not to focus on any pain they may have been in near their passing, but, instead, you remember all the blessings they had. And that’s what they would want us to do.

They would want us to remember the good times and the blessings. They would want us to focus on how much they loved us and how they helped us become who we are today.

So, here’s a rose for our Mothers who are in Heaven this Mother’s Day. They will always be loved. They will always be missed.

Charity M. Richey-Bentley

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