Henry Would Have Recurring Nightmares That Someone Was Attempting To Break Into His House

There was a man named Henry who would having recurring nightmares that someone was attempting to break into his house. While the nightmare would always end with the burglar failing to enter, Henry still feared that this could be an omen. Every morning after checking for signs of a break in and finding none, he would add a new and complex lock to his door. All his neighbors called him crazy and paranoid, but he was convinced that if he was not cautious, his dream could one day come to fruition. 

One day, Henry was about to leave to work, but as he’s walking out, realizes that one of the locks on his door is faulty. He starts to freak out and get nervous that it being faulty will allow someone to get in. While in a panicked rush, he hears someone call out, “Need some help?”, and looks up to see a handyman with a tool box walking past his house. He tells the man of the situation, shows him the lock, and asks if he would be able fix it while he’s away at work. The handyman generously accepts and Henry thanks him and heads off on his way.

After a long day at work he gets off at around 6 pm, opens his front door, and finds that everything in his house is gone except a single note left by the handymen which read, “Thanks for leaving the door open for me. Those pesky locks have been giving me issues all week! P.S. I fixed your door.”

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