He Was Bullied For Not Being Able To Read, Until One Stranger Helped Him Change That

“What’s the Nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?”

It’s a question that was asked on the internet, and people provided all sorts of wonderful stories that will restore your faith in humanity, but this one in particular really touched our hearts.

Until about 5 years ago, I had always been the slow child. My parents were unforgiving of my short comings.

When I was seven I was in a bad state. My parents were always calling me retarded because I was seven and I still couldn’t read. My brother and sister could read well before then and I was always in their shadows.


I was at school another terrible day, as I had been kicked out for acting up. The teacher had called me retarded and I ended up throwing a can of pens at her. She told me to go in to the hall. I sat there crying because I knew this would get back home until a women in what must of been her early 30’s asked me why I was crying.

For some odd reason I poured my soul out to her. Every last frustration came out and all she did was nod and listen. She went to talk to my teacher and I was allowed back in class. She was a parent that was just visiting but, I feel she was a true savior.

Everyday after that day she would call my mom and I would stay after school where we started reading lessons. It was hard but she was nothing short of an angel. In the span of 3 weeks I was reading Frog and Toad, my first chapter book by the end of the class I was reading Alice and wonderland without a single flaw.

On the last day I ever saw this women who had shown me more kindness then anyone blood related she left me with presents. She had gotten me All of the lord of the rings, All of frog and toad and as a joke she got me On the Shoulder of Giants.

To this day I have every single book she gave me but I also have something more. I got the gift of knowledge and the chance to learn from her. It’s a shame I don’t remember her name because, I would repay her 10000 fold. She worked with me and later in my life I was no longer considered slow. I don’t see my family much anymore but, she is always on my mind because, I feel she was the only person who truly loved me. Kindness is mankind’s only redeeming factor. Do not underestimate it.

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