He became unrecognizable at 70. He only gets around in a wheelchair


The musician Phil Collins turned 70 on January 30. It seems as though the artist has undergone a complete transformation due to illness. He need a wheelchair whenever he travels because he is unable to walk without the aid of a cane.

The musician, whose music has charmed us for years, and whose songs many of us have hummed, has suffered from health troubles and a scandal involving his ex-wife Orianne Cevey.

The present scandal involves Phil Collins and his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey. The pair separated in 2008, but eight years later they reconciled and are now back together. However, all of that came to a stop the year before when allegations surfaced that Orianne had secretly wed another man in Las Vegas.

So that she could hide her affair, she told Collins she was going to Vegas on business. The inventive individual instantly ordered his wife out of their $40 million mansion after learning the truth, changing all of the access codes.

The artist was not going to be intimidated by Orianne’s threats of unpleasant revelations about their marriage, so they started to critique one another.

The musician’s recent struggles with health concerns made the blow even more devastating for him. He had an incident while playing on stage in 2018, which required him to cancel his tour. At this stage, he needs a wheelchair or a cane to help him walk or even stand.

Phil Collins and Orianne first met in Switzerland in 1994 when Orianne was just 21 years old. Nine years after they were married in 1999, they divorced. Collins paid for Orianne’s spinal surgery in 2015, which helped her survive; the two of them reconnected the following year.

Phil Collins was wed to Andrea Bertorelli twice, first from 1975 to 1980 and then again from 1984 to 1996, before he wed Jill Tavelman. On January 30, 1951, Phil Collins was born in London, United Kingdom. He has previously been a part of bands like The Phil Collins Big Band, Band X (1976-1979), Band Aid (1984-1984), and Genesis (1996-1999).

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