Groom Secretly Holds Other Girl’s Hand Right Behind His Bride “Should Bride Think About Divorce?”

Recently, a photo of the groom secretly holding another woman’s hand right behind his bride has gone viral on Chinese social networks.

On December 6, a user posted a photo on a social network showing a wedding party with the caption: ” As soon as I had come out of the toilet, I encountered this scene, which should not be seen… Now, If the groom already has someone else, should I come to take the bride by the hand?”

It can be seen from the photo that the couple is taking photo with a female guest. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if the photo didn’t capture the moment this groom surreptitiously held female guest’s hand right behind his bride.

Netizens discussed a lot about this groom’s action.

Netizens talked a lot about the groom’s action

“Is this the cuckold in the legend? Poor bride!”.

“The groom did the wrong thing, so wrong! Secret, but I didn’t expect someone to take pictures like that.”

“There may be some hidden truth, but it can’t be public like that.”

Besides, there are also many comments that the female guest is likely just the biological mother, mother-in-law or even sister of the groom.

After the photo became viral on social networks, the couple spoke up to reveal the truth. It turned out that the female guest was a close friend of the bride and groom. The image of holding hands being caught is probably just a pure handshake wrapped around each other so the three can stand more closely in the photo.

But this explanation once again made the online community more controversial. Many people think that no matter how intimate you are, it is rare for a man to hold another woman’s hand so naturally. This action can make the bride feel unhappy and even cause misunderstandings.

How about you? What do you think about this situation?


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