Groom Brutally Slaps His Bride On Wedding Day After She Playfully Teases Him With Cake


When a woman gets married, it should be a happy occasion and one to remember for good reasons instead of being remembered because she was slapped by her new husband.

Even if the couple divorces later on, the wedding is usually a happy event.

One bride now has to live with the humiliation that her husband inflicted on her just after she teased him with a piece of cake on their wedding day.

Although the bride hasn’t been named, it’s believed that the couple is from the central area of Asia.

As the video begins, the bride and groom are with their friends and family members at the reception.

They both look happy as the groom gives his bride a piece of the wedding cake. This is a tradition that takes place at many weddings.

The bride then gets a small piece of cake to give to her groom.

However, she teases him ever so gently by pulling the cake away before he’s able to get a bite.

The groom becomes angry over this act and slaps the woman so hard that she falls back onto a chair.

Many of the wedding guests are stunned by this move from the groom. A male guest took the groom by his arm while other guests make sure the bride is alright.

Unfortunately, this is a tradition that is common in many countries.

The groom will slap his bride or do other vicious acts against her on her wedding day just because she doesn’t do something the right way.

One groom beat his wife simply because he was unable to get her dress off.

Both women were alright after each incident, but video footage shows that they are visibly shaken.



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