God Is Handing Out Characteristics To All Of The Animals. –

God is handing out characteristics to all of the animals, and he’s getting close to the end of the list.

All the animals have been picked except the lions, the beavers, and the pigs.

God looks up from the list and says “Who wants courage?”

One of the pigs says to another,

“Ooh, we should get that!”

the other one says,

“Nah, who wants to be courageous? You have to strut around, humans will start hunting you, it’s a huge pain. Let’s wait.”

The lions speak up and take courage.

“Next up, industrious! Who wants to be known for being industrious?”

The pig says, “Hey, we could definitely be that. Make stuff, stay busy, it sounds good!”

The other pig says,

“Are you crazy? Get up at dawn, work all day, who wants that? I’m sure God saved the best for last.”

The beavers pipe up and take industriousness, so God goes back to his list.

“Next up, we have wings, who wants to fly?”

The first pig says: “Wow, we’ve got to get THAT one! We could fly all day?”

The second pig says:

“Exactly, fly around all day, beat your wings all the time? That sounds exhausting, you’d have to fly for hours beating your wings like mad to stay aloft. No thank you! Let’s wait for the really good stuff.”

God looks at his list, getting to the end.

“Let’s see, claws are taken, the flight went to the birds, the cheetah got speed… Okay, here we go. Who wants to be delicious?”

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