Frank’s 21st Birthday

The month before Frank’s 21st birthday, his father told him, “Did you know that something amazing happens to all the male members of your family when they turn 21?”

“When your grandfather turned 21, he went to the lake and discovered that he was able to walk on the water. When my oldest brother, your uncle George, turned 21, he discovered the same. Me, your other uncles, your older brothers…all of them could walk on water at age 21.”

“Cool!” said Frank. “I can’t wait to walk on water!”

A month later, Frank turned 21, and his family took him to the lake to see him walk on water. They got into a boat and rowed into the middle of the lake, and watched excitedly as Frank stepped out of the boat…but instead of walking on the surface, he sank.

After he was pulled back into the boat, Frank said, “I don’t get it! You all turn 21, and you can walk on water! I turn 21, and I can’t!”

“Hmm,” said Frank’s father. “Come to think of it, it may be because all our birthdays are in February but yours is in July…”

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