Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham divulged details about Trump’s presidency


Stephanie Grisham, in her new book I’ll Take Your Questions Now revealed a lot of details about Donald
Trump’s time in the White House.
Stephanie talked about a particular time Trump exploded on his wife Melania Trump.
Melania wore a jacket with the text “’ I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ on her way to a migrant housing facility in Texas.

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Trump and his administration were under fire then because of their policy of separating migrant
children from their family members.
Melania’s visit was supposed to be an opportunity to form a better image of the issue even though the
program was left afterward.
When the former first lady got back from her visit, Trump exploded at her saying, “what the [expletive]” they thought they were doing,” Grisham wrote in her memoir, as reported by The Washington Post.

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“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children,” Melania explained, in an Interview with CNN. “I
wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. And it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me.”

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Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were also part of Stephanie’s memoir. She mentioned that the couple once tried to push their way into a meeting with Queen Elizabeth during a presidential visit. This was a breach of protocol regarding a state visit.

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Grisham writes in her book, “I finally figured out what was going on. Jared and Ivanka thought they were the royal family of the United States.”
Grishma revealed a lot of details in her book and even before the release, Donald Trump slammed her and revealed in a statement to the Hill, “She became very angry and bitter after her break up and as time went on she was seldom relied upon, or even thought about.


She had big problems and we felt that she should work out those problems for herself. Now, like everyone else, she gets paid by a radical left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things,” he said.
Donald Trump after leaving the white house now lives in Florida with Melania and their son Barron, who just started a new school. We wish them all the best.

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