Fans defend Kate Middleton, whose face was called “aged”


Kate Middleton has been married to Prince Williams since 2011 after courting him for a long time. After her marriage to the Prince, she got closer to Queen Elizabeth and also built a strong relationship with her.

Their relationship even got better after Kate and Williams relocated from Anmer Hall, Norfolk. to Kensington Palace, which is a short distance from Buckingham Palace itself.

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The Queen took Kate under her wings and taught her a lot about royal duties and the state.

A Royal source revealed in 2019, “She’s taken Kate under her wing. The two will often spend hours discussing royal life and the monarchy’s future.”


An insider noted, One of the indicators of the Queen’s trust in Kate was when she granted her the “Royal Family Order” which meant for members by blood or those who have served the family for a long time. “The Queen very much regards Catherine as … a safe pair of hands. She’s been a member of the royal family for ten years now. I think, given all that’s going on in the past few years in the royal family regarding the fallouts. … The Queen has great trust in Kate.”

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A few days after the Queen’s passing, they had a walkabout outside the castle where Harry and Meghan were also invited, and the pictures were soon making headlines.

During the walkabout, Kate Middleton was on darker hair color with a black dress and simple jewellery.

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The picture attracted a lot of admirers and course spiteful comments. They kept on saying she looked old and sad.

One commenter said, “She looks like she’s aged so much and always looks sad to me. I feel sorry for her; I don’t know why.”

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She looks really old, like 60. What’s going on?” another said.

They were people who understood her plight and were kind enough to drop their takes.

One such person wrote, “She has a lot on her shoulders with duty and motherhood. Then the Queen’s death. She’s tired, and I’m sure royal life isn’t for the faint of heart.”

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“First, darlings, the lighting is horrible. Second, she is not old. Third, for her age, she looks fabulous. Four, she has had 0 plastic surgery. Have fun aging; it’s not for the weak. Lol.”

The Princess of Wales is doing great as a mother and also as a part of the Royal family and we wish her all the best.

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