Everything is done for him, as King Charles’ extravagant daily requests from his attendants made clear


Prior to being crowned as Britain’s newest monarch, he reportedly had an odd list of requests that earned him the moniker “pampered prince.”

And it looks his huge requests will likely continue during his reign as king following a video of King Charles III appearing to ask for an item to be relocated off his desk.

Charles III, the first child of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the time, was born on November 14, 1948. He was proclaimed the heir apparent when his grandfather passed away in 1952 and his mother took the throne.

Charles would attend school rather than obtain his education from a private tutor, Buckingham Palace stated in 1955. Charles was not given preferential treatment at school despite his family name. He had to put up the same amount of effort as everyone else.

After completing his A-levels, Charles continued his unconventional path to further education, becoming the first British heir apparent to receive a university degree.

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He later joined the Royal Air Force, and in July 1969, he was made the Prince of Wales.

Since then, Charles has performed his official duties as Prince of Wales, and with the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth, he took the throne of the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that his sister Princess Anne is also a very hard worker, he was referred to as the “hardest-working member of the royal family” in 2008. With such a busy schedule, it is understandable that he likes to make the most of every moment, even if it makes him appear spoiled.

The first time information concerning Charles’ excessive demands was made public was in 2015, following the streaming on Amazon Prime of the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm.

Former butler for Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana Paul Burrell revealed some of the odd requests made by the then-prince.

A recent tell-all book revealed some of Charles’ other bizarre demands.

Tina Brown, who was close friends with Princess Diana and consulted 120 sources for her book, revealed that it’s been said that Charles travels with a lot of his personal items.

His “bed, furnishings, even photographs” are among those possessions. Even his own toilet paper, Kleenex Velvet, and toilet seat are said to be carried on his travels.

Now that he is Britain’s newest monarch, will he still make his occasionally absurd requests, or will they simply get crazier by the day?

Which of his demands do you consider to be the most absurd? To continue the discussion, leave your opinions in the comment below and then share this article.

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