Everyone Is Having A Hard Time Solving 3 Riddles


It’s always fun to solve brain-teasers with a group of friends. So, get together and give it a go. You’ll need to crack these riddles in just one minute and then compare the results. In this particular case, quality is just as important as quantity, in other words, the winner is the one who gives the most correct answers in the shortest time.

We found a few brain teasing riddles for our readers. Get your timer ready, and remember that you only have one minute.

1. How many squares can you find?

Check the answer below:


2. How many pentagons can you count?

Check the answer below:


3. Move 3 matchsticks to get 4 equal triangles.


Check the answer below:


Did you get them all correct? Tell us about your results in the comment section.


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