Encouragement Ways You Can Make a Stranger’s Day


Sometimes you will sit next to a stranger and that stranger will say something nice to you and uplift your day. Very often, that was an angel or spirit guide.

I’ve been meeting these type of people quite often. I take it as a sign from the Universe to not give up on myself. 💫❤️💫

It kind of takes away from the good in the person. I’m one of those people who try to make the days of others a little brighter, though I’m a shadow of how good my father was at it. I’ll take angels in nature, in animals, even in the energy around you. But, no, none of my angels would be almost selfish enough to take credit for the good deeds or kind words of a stranger. Like it’s suffering. But we can overcome it. And we need people to kind, to make their small corners of the world better. No better way than giving them credit for the little things, thanking them, and letting that lead to more kind actions between both parties… and so on… and so on.

Nothing replaces kindness and empathy you must continue to stay present. Thanks to those strangers who uplift us!  I sat next to someone who gave me the courage and belief I could face what came next. I was walking to work one morning and feeling down about a situation and a stranger stopped and looked at me and says you are blessed and highly favored and I said to myself wow that was God!!!

Happens to me daily and I’m so grateful. I love talking to everyone I pass by on my path, we all have so much to learn from one another. 

Great way to lift someone’s spirits: Positive quotes or words of encouragement to immediately turn someone’s day around. (Encouragement Quotations/Statements that helps someone through a rough day) Encouraging Quotes 

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